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Introducing the revolutionary new “ZOX Tank Doctor”

Tank Doctor The all in one capsule that will cure all your tank drinking water ailments! Finally a simple easy to use maintenance free ozone water treatment system. Which is an ideal treatment for potable water. No more need for harsh chemical treatments that constantly need dosing and handling. Simply pop the pod into your tank, fix to ozone generator and timer, connect power and switch on. The doctor goes straight to work!

Ozone water treatment has the following advantages:

  • Leaves absolutely no residuals and no harmful derivatives. Does not cause the increase in inorganic salts.
  • It eliminates the colour caused by iron, manganese and carbo nous substances.
  • Eliminates tannin and other organic water staining.
  • Eliminates odours and flavours due to the presence of organic material. As well as those created through chlorination
  • Reduces cloudiness (solids in suspension)
  • Eliminate detergents and other non-biodegradable surface-active substances. (The degree of elimination will depend on the amount of ozone used.)
  • Disinfectant. Killing pathogenic bacteria and inactivating viruses and other micro-organisms that are not sensitive to ordinary chlorine disinfection.

More often than not aesthetics is the only problem preventing the use of groundwater for potable purposes. Ozone has been shown to disinfect and suitably treat colour, taste and odour in groundwater. Transforming it into highly palatable drinking water.