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Enzyme for Water Manangement

ZOXZYME for Water Management

ZOXZYME™ has been used in large water bodies in conjunction with ozonization and aeration with great success. It has shown it to be a cost effective and environmentally safe water treatment product.

This product is used for aquariums and fishponds, and has been on the market now since 1996. It has proved the following:

  • Increase of DO (Dissolved Oxygen) for the first 7-8 Days about 40-60% (after an initial drop due to increased BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand). Increased vigorous and healthy grows of aquatic plants (target species) and reduction or elimination of weed species.
  • Reduction even elimination of organic residue likes slime, fouling material.
  • Increase of general health of plants (target species) and livestock.

ZOXZYME™ has been tested against a number of biological (bacterial) water treatment products and been shown to be equal if not superior to those products. What can be expected form ZOXZYME™?

  • Improved water quality and visibility 80% or more reduction of Algae and Algae Blooms.
  •  Elimination of Blue green Algae within 3-4 Days of application.
  • A number of water bodies have shown to have no further outbreaks, when product is used properly.


Our additive boosts the natural bacteria and speeds up the degradation process in your waste water system. And will also:

  • Drop BOD and COD levels.
  • Increase DO (Dissolved Oxygen)and dissolved 0³
  • Reduce and even eliminate organic residue like slime and other fouling material.
  • Assist in reducing odours.