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Automotive Air Conditioning

Air-ConditioningStop the unwanted smells emanating from your air conditioning unit in your car. The condenser unit/chiller is normally situated way under your dashboard and cannot be reached easily. Bacteria does and will build up and start to smell. Natural Ozone gas very effectively will neutralize the bacteria and therefore knocks out the odour. Nice smelling chemicals just mask the smells where ozone treats, controls and eliminates the root of the problem. Professional car detailers won’t tell you this but they use ozone to deodorize your air-conditioning unit when your car goes in for a service. Then finish off with a nice smelling spray.

Car uses:

  • Removes cigarette odours in cars
  • Remove any organic odours – sweat, spilt milk, vomit, spilt petrol etc.


Download ZXA 500 AIRP Automotive Air con sterilizer Spec Sheet