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Ozone uses in general


Ozone is used in a wide variety of industries worldwide.

Ozone has been used in municipal water systems, wastewater plants and commercial & residential pools and spas for years.

The first water purification plant for human consumption was built in Nice, France in 1906.

Ozone is used in water parks, zoos and aquariums.

Since June 26, 2001, the FDA has allowed the use of Ozone as a direct food additive.

Ozone can safely be used as on food equipment surfaces during the manufacture of food products.

Ozone is used to remove offensive odours from fires and other smells.

Ozone is used as the final purification step in most bottled water plants.

Specific areas of use

  • Commercial laundries
  • Dairy industries
  • Fresh produce
  • Water purification
  • Bottled beverages
  • Aquaculture
  • Pools and spas
  • Cooling towers
  • Meat and food processing
  • Wineries
  • Aquatic displays in Zoos and Aquariums
  • Deodorizing vehicle air conditioning systems