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  • Ozone will not totally eliminate chemical use in pools and spas. Some amount of residual chemical is still necessary since most of the ozone recombines back into oxygen before it reaches the pool. Thus some residual form of sanitization is still necessary.
  • Ozone at correct doses does not attack the seals of the pump. Nor does it deteriorate the pool valet, filter, pipes, or the solar-roll solar heater.
  • Ozone generators will not help the ozone in the atmosphere.
  • Ozone and chlorine do not work against each other.
  • Ozone does not do away with regular pool service.
  • There is no such thing as bad ozone nature creates more ozone in polluted areas through altered light refraction (thus higher levels of ozone in highly polluted areas). This is a natural mechanism to oxidise pollutants in the air.