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Ozone in a nutshell

Ozone (O3) is activated oxygen, natures way of cleaning the air we breathe. It occurs naturally in the environment. Oxygen (O2) generated by plant life is converted by ultraviolet radiation to ozone by binding a third oxygen atom to the normal two to form O3. Lightning also forms ozone during thunder storms. The fresh sweet smell in the air after a thunderstorm is the smell of ozone.

Ozone can be created on demand by a ZOX ozone generator that utilizes the oxygen produced by our plant life. This is achieved by utilizing high-frequency corona discharge principle to produce ozone just as lightning does during a large thunderstorm. This principle is the most powerful man-made modernization in the creation of activated oxygen or ozone (O3). Zox Ozone has a wide range of ozone generators which work on the same principle and are used for different applications across various industries.