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High Quality Ozonators Australia

Zox Ozone was founded in Perth, Western Australia in October 2001. Since then we have been manufacturing and distributing ozone generators and ozone products for the swimming pool, spa pool and water sanitization industries.

How Ozone Works

The weak bond holding ozone’s third oxygen atom is what causes the molecule to be unstable and thus such an effective oxidizer. Because of this instability, an oxidation reaction occurs upon any collision between an ozone molecule and molecule of an “oxidisable” substance such as certain forms o

ozone generator

Ozone can be produced commercially in much the same way as in nature – through the use of a UV lamp or by an electrical Corona Discharge (CD). The primary difference between the two methods is the ozone output. UV ozone generation technology is becoming limited in its uses because of the low concentrations produced. CD technology on the other hand produces far higher concentrations. Overall, CD technology is much more efficient than UV due to the ability of the high voltage electrical corona discharge to split a greater number of oxygen molecules, thereby creating more ozone.

Our ZXA range of ozone generators offer vastly decreased energy consumption and maintenance costs as compared with most other Ozonator brands in Australia.

Thanks to Zox´s engineering and manufacturing experience, Corona Discharge Ozone Technology is now no longer out of reach to the average consumer. Our Ozone Generators are highly effective and efficient in production of ozone for varied applications in Australia. Please visit our product section for a range of ozone generators /ozonators available at our store and how they can reduce occurrences of metals atoms like iron or manganese as well as organic molecules, particles and microbes. In an oxidation reaction energy transfers to the ozone molecule leaving a stable oxygen molecule (O2) and a highly unstable oxygen atom (O1). The molecule being oxidized then bonds with the loose (O1) atom creating an oxide of the substance. This is then easily filtered out with an ozonator.